Loving God with Abandon!

Loving God with Abandon!

Photo of birds breaking free from barbed wire fence, symbolizing loving God with abandon/freedom and enjoying intimacy with God!

My name is Kyle McNutt, and I want to welcome you to my home on the Web. I am a follower of Jesus, who also happens to be a blogger, author and speaker. My passion is to help other Christ followers grow in fervent intimacy with God! This is especially true for those who are frustrated, “burned out” or disillusioned. I am convinced that God has more for you.  Much more!

For many years, I lived in a constant state of discouragement as a Christ follower. In my mind, my weakness and failure were evidence that my desire to love and follow Jesus was illegitimate. I assumed that I was the only one who claimed to love God, but just couldn’t “get it right.” The result was heaviness, condemnation and shame.

Unfortunately, through numerous conversations with other believers, I now realize that almost all of us have experienced these feelings of illegitimacy at some point in our spiritual journey. This is not God’s desire for you!

Through this website, my writings and speaking engagements, I hope to help those who have put their faith in Jesus grasp the full extent to which they are loved by their Creator. I want you to be encouraged that your love for God is likely entirely legitimate. My desire is to help you avoid the exhausting game of constantly striving to hide your shortcomings. Instead, learn to embrace your weakness as a platform for God’s strength! As you do, you are then truly free to live in intimacy with God. Empowered by that intimacy, you can find joy in fulfilling the great commandments — to love God and love others.

I sincerely hope that you will consider joining me in my own pursuit of growing in passion for Jesus. Join the mailing list. Check back for my weekly blog post. Pick up a copy of my book (also available on Amazon). Connect with me through this site and/or social media. I would love the opportunity to engage with you as we venture to follow Jesus together!

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